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Improving Your User Experience Design

If you recently purchased a bag of Christie cookies, you may have consumed a larger quantity at each sitting than you have previously done. The reason being simply due to the newly re-designed bag!

Let’s take a look at the user experience of the old versus the new packaging design of the Christie Oreo’s cookie bag. If you are not familiar with the old and new product packaging, take a close look at the photo above. Notice that the old packaging contains…Read More

Good UX Design is Good for Business

A business can offer the very best product or service, however if its website is poorly designed, a large number of potential customers will be lost. As more and more businesses are investing in good user experience design it is now becoming a user expectation.

Some of my services involve testing websites and mobile applications, where I provide recommendations on how to better the overall design and user experience. I recently analyzed a prototype of a website application…Read More

How to Develop a Brand Identity

Are you a business owner looking to attract new customers through implementing or revamping your marketing strategy? Before exploring your many marketing strategy options, it is beneficial to take some time to develop your brand identity.

I like to define Brand Identity very simply as the sentiments a brand elicits when one encounters the brand. You want to have a strong brand identity so that people develop a familiarity and connection with…Read More

IHOP’s New Logo Design | Design Blog

In recent news, IHOP has redesigned their logo, however it’s getting a bad rap from children. Young children are seeing past the calming blue colors, rounded edges, and happy smiley face, and instead shedding tears over what they see as a scary clown face.

After analyzing both logos closely, I understand the logic behind their design decisions. The previous logo has a more serious, traditional look and feel, while the new design evokes a very friendly and soft feel. Any good logo evolution should reflect…Read More

How to Get Your Business Card Design Noticed

Although the print industry has been facing many challenges trying to survive this digital world, there are some print materials that I believe will carry on, such as the good old business card.

I carry along my business cards everywhere I go, especially at business networking events as it’s typical practice for both parties to exchange business cards. I recently encountered an individual who didn’t have their business card to offer and instead replied with, “I didn’t thinkRead More

Do You Know Your Customers?

Are you a business owner who sees no value in targeting your marketing efforts to a certain market? Perhaps you have established a target market but aren’t yet sure whether it’s bringing further success or harming your business? You’re not alone.

It would be wonderful if all our marketing efforts spoke & appealed to everyone, but unfortunately this is not the case. People are different; we don’t all have the same interests, hence there is no single message that will have universal appeal. This is why it is beneficial to target a certain demographic that will…Read More

Simple Design Isn’t So Simple.

The great Paul Rand once said, “Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated”. Unless you are also a designer, you’ve likely not heard this quote before. However, I’m sure most of you have heard the expression “less is more”. This is essentially what Paul Rand is communicating, that and the fact that it’s not always an easy task to accomplish.

The More You Add, The More You Take Away

As a freelance graphic designer, most of my clients provide me with the copy they want included on the design piece. Some clients give me the okay to change the text they have provided (and at times encourage it) in whatever way I think will work best. When I am given this carte blanche, I typically go ahead and reduce the content by about 50% and make…Read More

The Truth Behind Photos Used in Advertising

I came across this comic graphic from, which is a representation of how literal customers may be perceiving the content on your website. Do you think it’s okay for companies to use stock photos to represent their staff, or should they be using real images of their employees?

I encountered a similar situation a couple of years ago when I designed a postcard advertisement for a dental clinic, which was printed and mailed to over 2,000 residents in the surrounding area. A couple of days later, the clinic received a call from one of the postcard recipients asking…Read More

Colors & Branding: Inspired by The Dress

Even though it’s been over a week since The Dress went viral, while I was at a business-networking event last night, one individual asked me, what color I thought was The Dress. Don’t worry; this is not another design blog that will explain to you how our perception of color is dependent upon the shape of the rods and cones in our eyes. This dress debate inspired me to write a blog on how colors can affect brand identity. Since some are clearly still talking about this dress, I figured it was still safe to mention the dress that “broke the internet”.

If you are a start-up company designing your brand identity (i.e. company logo, website, etc.) or are looking to rebrand your current business, it is recommended to be very cautious when choosing your colors. Once you determine which colors best reflect your organization, keep in mind that your customers will…Read More

Giving Back Doesn’t Always Involve Money

On February 17th I volunteered at the Big Brother’s Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake event. For those of you who are not familiar with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), they are a not-for-profit organization who’s mission is to provide Canadian children in need of extra support by paring them up with volunteer based mentoring programs. They organize several events throughout the year to help fundraise for their organization. For the Bowl for Kids Sake event specifically, corporations as well as individuals put together teams who raised funds for BBBS and had the opportunity to bowl together for a chance to win prize packs.

My primary role as a volunteer at this event was greeting and registering the attendees as well as informing them of all the great activities they had to look forward to that evening. Once registration was complete, I played the games set up at each station as a way of encouraging participation. Who ever said volunteering your time had to be boring? It is in fact quite the opposite! I also met and interacted with…Read More

Logo Design: My Step-by-Step Process

I view logos as encrypted identities looking to be correctly decoded. I would best define logo design as a challenging task of combining carefully chosen shapes, colors, and text together to communicate the brand’s image, mission and values. Here is my step-by-step process on how I tackle this exciting challenge of a logo design.

 Step 1: Research

As with most of my design projects, I begin by scheduling a call with the client where I can ask them a series of questions about their company’s values, mission, goals, and target market. This information aids me in getting a feel for what message they want to convey through their logo and who they are primarily communicating to. I recently designed a logo for a…Read More